Registration is OPEN for Saguaro, Vulture Mine, Around the Bend and Mines to Pines. C'mon down!

The 2018 Calendar is approved! See below for details.

♦ The Saguaro 200k and 100k share first 100k of the routes so bring your friends out to ride one or the other with you!

♦ Steve Atkins has reports from the 2017 events. Check them out here for a sneak peek:
Saguaro Lake 200km Brevet
Gila Monster 300k Brevet
Around the Bend 400k Brevet
Scorpion 600k Brevet

♦ Have a Blog or report of one of our rides? Let me know and I'll link it or post it here!

Upcoming Brevets in the Four Corner States



Date Click for details Dist Notes
1/6/2018 Saguaro Lake 200k  200k 1
1/6/2018 Saguaro Lake 100k  100k 1
2/3/2018 Vulture Mine 300k 1
3/3/2018 Around the Bend 400k 1
3/24/2018 Mines to Pines 300k 2
4/7/2018 Scorpion 100k, 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k 100k-600k 1
4/8/2018 Scorpion's Revenge 200k 1
------ ----------------------- ------ -
5/12 Northern AZ 200k 200k 4
2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 4/2 PAC Tour Brevets 200k, 600k 3


1: "Main Series" - Brevets will have food, drink & support volunteers at some of the controls.
2: "Zero Support Series" - Brevets will not have any volunteer support. You will need to be responsible for your own nutrition and transportation plans (no SAG vehicle if you DNF)
3: "PAC Tour Series" - Brevets are hosted by PAC Tour
4: "North Arizona Series" - Support for these brevets are detailed on their web












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For questions about the Brevets please contact the RBA.
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Next up: Jan 6th
Saguaro Lake 100k & 200k
This is a very scenic route through Scottsdale, Fountain Hills & East Mesa. Enjoy grand views of the Superstition Mountains, Four peaks, Red Mountain & Saguaro Lake. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the mob of Wild Horses who make their home in the Red Mountain wilderness. There are very few flat sections on this route, but the climbs tend to be short and evenly spaced. The Bush highway & Usery Pass section (about 45-miles), is arguably the most beautiful route in the Phoenix area.

The 200k route is comprised of two 100k loops. The 100k option travels the exact same route as the start of the 200k. This will allow 100k and 200k riders to ride together, if they choose.

The 200k details may be found HERE
The 100k details may be found HERE

Saguaro Lake 

Saguaro Lake