Casa Grande Ruins



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Casa Grande Ruins
200 km Brevet

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Date:  Saturday, January 12, 2013

Distance: 125 miles

Start Time: 7:30 am
There will be a mass start at 7:30 AM and announcements and time for questions at 7:15.
Start Location: Round Trip Bike Shop (Get directions)

Time Limit: 13.5 hours

Sunrise:  7:30 am
Sunset:  5:40 pm

Cost: $20 All riders must pre-register. (No day of event registration.

ACP sanctioned.


This route is composed of two sections; both sections begin and end in Casa Grande. The first section is a loop that travels north through the Gila River Indian Community with a checkpoint at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. The second section is out and back and goes south through the Sonoran Desert on the Tohono O'odham reservation.

First loop: The route travels north out of Casa Grande and onto SR 387 which is the Gila River Indian Community. This is the only climb on on the ride. (SR 387 has a 3 mile climb, 6% grade) These mountains provide a sanctuary for saguaro and other cactus, making SR 387 one of the prettiest roads around Casa Grande.

At the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, write down on your brevet card the answer to the question posed on the cue sheet.

This 40-mile loop ends where it begins - at the Round Trip Bike Shop in Casa Grande. You will have access to your car to shed some clothes and pick up supplies.

Second loop: The second section is out and back on Indian 15. It travels south out of Casa Grande and into the Tohono O'odham Indian reservation. This area is mostly undeveloped and composed of rolling hills dotted with sahuaro cactus. The terrain is flat with a few long, rollers. (Total 1,480 feet of accumulated elevation. See elevation profile.)

This second loop in particular is very remote. The only services you will find are our checkpoints. Checkpoints are about 40 miles apart. A hydration system such as CamelBak is highly recommended.

Directions to the start

Location: Round Trip Bike Shop

Address: 1148 E. Florence Blvd, Casa Grande, AZ.

Click HERE for a Google map of the start location.

Lodging in the area: View List



Route Map

View  on line map here

Cue sheets will be handed out at the start of each event. Copies are provided here for planning purposes. Make sure you use the cue sheets provided on the morning of the ride. They will be the most up to date.

Download cue sheet (xls)

Elevation Profile

1. "Big" hill just north of Casa Grande. 4% grade at most.

2. Woodruff Road, after the college.

3. Back at the Round Trip Bike Shop

4. Entering the reservation. Long rollers after that and nothing I would stand up for.

5. Turnaround and lunch stop.

1480 feet of climbing.

Minimum/maximum elevation: 1360 / 1786 feet above sea level.


Riders are expected to do simple repairs such as repair a flat tire.

Lights: Optional. However, if you're still riding after sunset, you need lights as required by law.


Mile 0: The bike shop will be open before the ride at checkpoint #1. Bathrooms available.

Mile 31: Bathrooms and water are available at the ruins checkpoint #2.

Mile 32: Fast food and grocery stores in Coolidge after you leave the ruins.

Mile 53: Free snacks and water in the bike shop, checkpoint #3. You will also have access to your car here. You may want to shed some clothes and pick up a hydration system for the southern loop.

Mile 88: Free sandwiches, snacks, and soda at the lunch checkpoint #4 on Indian 15.

About mile 120: Bob's Market on the left after you leave the reservation.

28 Registered Riders.

Rider Name RUSA # City State/Prov
Adam Lock Chandler AZ
Allen Booker 8286 Tempe AZ
Brian McGuire 7406 Phoenix AZ
Carlton van Leuven 4713 Chandler AZ
Dale Jacobs 7379 Peoria AZ
David Draper 5254 Las Vegas NV
David Nyer Tempe AZ
Fran Flesch 6293 Deerfield IL
Greg Olmstead 3318 San Diego CA
Ilyssa Summer Tempe AZ
Jim Flesch 6292 Scottsdale AZ
Mark Mandel Green Valley AZ
Mark Tauber Tempe AZ
Matthew Jungers 8020 Phoenix AZ
Mike Sturgill 1847 Phoenix AZ
Mike Enfield 2751 Mesa AZ
Peggy Petty 4613 Gilbert AZ
Phil Kotofskie 6648 Tucson AZ
Philip James Conmy Phoenix AZ
Rebecca Smith Phoenix AZ
Roger Peskett 3726 Tucson AZ
Ryan Guzy 6005 Tempe AZ
Sarah Mason Tempe AZ
Scott Walters 6036 Tempe AZ
Stephen Kenny Calgary AB
Steve Atkins 3359 Tempe AZ
Steve Petty 4612 Gilbert AZ
Tom Kenny Calgary AB