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Lost Dutchman
215 km Brevet

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Date:  Saturday, January 21, 2012

Distance: 133 miles

Start Time: 7:00 Saturday/8:00 Sunday
There will be a pre-ride meeting just before each brevet for last minute instructions.
Start Location: Lost Dutchman State Park/Ajo, AZ (Get directions)

Time Limit: 13.5 hours

Sunrise:  7:32 AM
Sunset:  5:54 PM
Moonrise:  Waning crescent with 3% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated (that means don't depend on moonlight as it will be almost nill.)

Cost: $20 Ride fee is $20 for both days and includes baggage service to Ajo and back to the start.

RUSA sanctioned.


One weekend - two 200 km brevets. Each brevet is one way (point to point routes) between Apache Junction and Ajo. This route is typical Arizona: very remote, very picturesque.

The Game Plan: We'll start off on Saturday morning at 8 am from Lost Dutchman State Park. A car will be available to carry baggage.

On Sunday morning we'll start off at 8 am from La Siesta Motel & RV Park in Ajo and retrace our path back to Lost Dutchman State Park.

Directions to the start

Location: Lost Dutchman State Park/Ajo, AZ


Directions:  On Saturday the start is at Lost Dutchman State Park. On Sunday the ride starts at the La Siesta Motel & RV Park in Ajo.



Route Map

View  on line map here

Day One, the ride starts at Lost Dutchman State Park (A in the figure). B, C, and D show the checkpoints and sources of food and water in the towns of Chandler, Maricopa, and Gila Bend. The town of Ajo is the end of the ride (E in the figure).

The second day, we'll retrace our steps back to Lost Dutchman.

Cue sheets will be handed out at the start of each event. Copies are provided here for planning purposes. Make sure you use the cue sheets provided on the morning of the ride. They will be the most up to date.

Download cue sheet (xls)

Elevation Profile

Terrain is rolling to flat.


Riders are expected to do simple repairs such as repair a flat tire.

Lights: Optional. However, if you're still riding after sunset, you need lights as required by law.


Baggage: A car will be available to carry luggage to Ajo on Saturday and back to the start on Sunday.

Parking at the start: At this time we're trying to arrange for overnight parking at Lost Dutchman State Park.

Food and water can be purchased at the checkpoints which are no more than 40 miles apart.

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